9 Competencies You Want to Master

9 Competencies You Want to Master

Competencies are a complicated thing: it's not really something you can study. We often say that competencies are a part of you. They are characteristics that you probably already possess, but want to develop as you navigate your career. I always say that all Facility Managers “have the same bloodtype”. They're usually all energetic people that love chaos but love to structure the chaos even more. It takes a certain type of person to do the job. So, if that's true, can we state that you will need a certain amount of competencies to be a really good Facility Manager? Yes, we think so. And that's why we performed international research to pinpoint these competencies. Today, we're sharing them with you!


  1. INITIATIVE: as a Facility Manager you will seek for opportunities and proactively take action. Always make sure to be ahead of the game.
  2. ENTREPRENEURSHIP: you indicate opportunities and will convert these into strategy and improvement actions. As a Facility Manager, you always want to keep track of trends and developments and seek for ways to implement new and innovative ways of working. You need both initiative and entrepreneurship in order to do that.
  3. ORGANIZE: you identify the required people and resources for a plan. Whether you are responsible for facility operations, working on real estate strategy or anything in between: you will have to constantly make plans for daily work and for projects. You will also work with a team to make that plan happen, so organizing skills and having a helicopter view are very important.
  4. ENERGY: you are active, work hard and have endurance. As a Facility Manager, you are often the spider in the web: especially when you're still doing a lot of firefighting instead of a more strategic approach, we have a hectic job. But: we're often the type of people that love being busy, because we have a lot of energy!
  5. SENSITIVITY: you recognize feelings, attitude and motivation of others in the conversation and you are open to that as well. At the end of the day, our work revolves around people, so we have to be very aware of communication: both verbal and non-verbal to do our work right. This is crucial to run a successful team!
  6. COMMUNICATE: you communicate ideas and information in such a way that the essence is understood by others. Usually, Facility Managers deal with a lot of stakeholders, both internally and externally. You have to be able to communicate with both.
  7. JUDGMENT: you weigh possibilities and come to a realistic choice. Do you want to outsource services or not? Do you want to lease or buy a property? Do you want to implement activity-based working or not? But also (smaller), in-the-moment decisions: what do you do in case of a flood or fire? Or how to handle a complaint? You constantly have to be able to make decisions both big and small, so good judgment is very important.
  8. LEARNING ORIENTATION: you show attention for new information, include it and apply it effectively. Check! The fact that you're reading this article shows your learning orientation: eager to learn new information and use it in your work 😉
  9. LOYALTY: you support the policy and the interests of the organization and do not cause any damage


So… how did you do? Do you recognize the competencies for yourself? We said that it's hard to study on competencies. But it's definitely something you can develop over time just by gaining experiences. Learning by doing… Being aware is a very great first step to start doing that! If you have any questions about these competencies or how to work with them, please reach out to us on socials or info@the-world-of-yes.com

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