Outsourcing in Facility Management

How to get it right: 10 common outsourcing failures nobody talks about

  • Access the ten best kept secrets and learn to avoid them 
  • Increase your quality levels
  • Achieve more value for money
  • Tips & tricks on how to get it right
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Outsource facilities services

"Extremely helpful inside information. Very elaborate, lots of examples."

Derek - Canada

In our opinion, outsourcing Facility services has become inevitable for most Facility Managers. It decreases your costs, it often increases quality levels, it helps you reach your goals faster, it increases innovation, and the list goes on. Sounds as though you're crazy if you don't want in on it, right? ;-) And for many organizations, this is very true. However outsourcing also requires a huge amount of planning, time, and most of all: attention

For years, we have been helping organizations with their outsourcing strategies and helped many Facility Managers to benefit from it. This gave us the privilege to witness many organizations develop and often we noticed that the same mistakes were made at every one of them... 

That's why we decided to use this inside information and come up with this practical e-book where we share all these common mistakes with you, so you don't have to make the same ones. Easy, right?! To make it even easier, we came up with a solution on how to prevent these mistakes and how to excel in outsourcing. Ready to achieve more value for money?

Easy to read
Even though there's lots of content (I like!) it is a very easy to read e-book. 

facilities management
Ellen - The Netherlands
Very helpful
You read a lot of do's and don'ts on the internet but this goes way beyond that. Extremely helpful information.
Steven - United Kingdom
Thank you

This e-book really made me aware of things I should really take into consideration when working with suppliers. Thank you!

Alexandra - Australia

Ready to find out about the best kept secrets in outsourcing? 

  • Ten common mistakes you want to avoid
  • Increase your quality levels
  • Achieve more value for money
  • Tips & tricks on how to get outsourcing right
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Outsource facilities services
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