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Hospitality in FM

Hospitality in FM explained

In this blog, you will read more about what hospitality is, how it can add value to your company and what it means to your colleagues and customers. Hospitality is an important subject in many industries but can especially be relevant to all Facility Managers out there. However, the potential is not always recognized in our sector. And so, in this blog we will also take you through the opportunities of hospitality concepts for your company.

Hospitality: defined 
This is a concept that is very often used in the leisure sector: hotels, restaurants, etc. But it’s less well-known in Facility Management. In The Netherlands, we are using hospitality concepts as a tool to upgrade customer satisfaction. Ultimately, that’s often one of the biggest goals for every FM: make sure that your end-user is happy and satisfied.

Hospitality is very well-known in the leisure sector: if you enter a hotel or restaurant, you will probably be greeted with a big smile. In office environments not so much. But like I said, that’s changing in The Netherlands and we see some other countries or big multinationals pick up on this trend too.

So, what is hospitality in Facility Management? Meeting or exceeding the expectation of employees or visitors to an extreme. Train the cleaning staff to say hello in the morning or be more open and trained to answer questions. Research proves that employees feel like their office is cleaner if cleaning staff is open, social and nice. While it may not actually be cleaner. But it’s also welcoming people in. Offering visitors a cup of (good!) coffee. It’s not only about behavior. It’s also part of processes and procedures: the more customer friendly they are, the more hospitable your department or organization is.

The benefits for any FM 
A hospitality concept can lead to overall better performance and results as a Facility Department. Like we explained before, friendly cleaning staff can actually lead to a higher satisfaction rate on cleaning in general. This works the same for other services and overall customer satisfaction or even production rates. Even if your actual performance is not up to standard.

Also, imagine entering any building and you are greeted in a very happy and genuine way. A host helps you find your way, offers you a cup of coffee. Or makes sure your meeting room is all set. This would probably make your visit more positive, regardless what your meeting looks like after. This also reflects on the association that you have with that company or brand: that is influenced in a positive way too. So, hospitality in Facility Management can absolutely impact the image of the organization as well as make people feel more engaged with the brand.

Last but not least, if your facilities operations team really cares about providing the best service with a smile, the number of complaints will probably go down as well. Also, the level of tolerance when things do go wrong is much higher. For many Facility Managers, the number of complains is a KPI or indicator for how well the team performs. So if a slightly different attitude and more insights in your customer behavior can do that, I suggest you get to it!  

Hospitality: first steps
How do you meet the end-user’s expectations? Before you start implementing hospitality features, step one is to gain insights in the wishes and expectations of customers and employees. How do you do that?

Create a guest journey, to understand the movement of the end-user in the building. If you understand the movement, you are able to adjust service delivery and contact points. This means that you are taking a look at the different phases the guest goes through before entering your company (!), while entering the building and all other steps until he leaves the building again. Putting yourself in the end-user’s shoes helps to see the guest journey in a new light helps you gain insights that you normally wouldn’t notice. You can describe this journey as detailed as possible, for example by brainstorming with one of your end-users or with your team, so you won’t forget any steps.

Training in hospitality 
If you’d like to know more about hospitality in Facility Management, join us for our training course here.
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