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Over the years, we have worked with many Facility departments that simply wanted to improve. Do better. It's in human's nature to have the eagerness to excel. But how do you do that in Facility Management? 

For us, the answer would be: make sure that you gain insights in your department. Understand what's going on, what goes well and what does not. And we've experienced that that's often where things go wrong. Caught up in daily practice, we sometimes forget to take a step back and evaluate what we're doing. But that's the only way to keep building these insights and keep building on a better department.

That's why we designed the Facility Department Audit. An easy do-it-yourself audit that helps you evaluate your department and therefore gain insights in your Facility Department right away. On a strategical, tactical ánd operational level, to make sure that all are aligned. We're sharing our insider's tips, tricks, templates and tools with you to take you by the hand through the process. We found that it will make your department more efficient, more (cost) effective, and lead to happier customers.

Are you ready to excel?!

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The ultimate tool to gain insights today

The online training course "Facility Department Audit" will enable you to:

  • Use our proven template to assess your department
  • Spot opportunities for improvement
  • Receive guidelines how to professionalize your department even further
  • Receive a certificate of completion after finishing this program
  • Have an implementation plan ready, so you can start immediately 
  • Helps you to focus on the most important elements of your department
  • Gain (quantitative) insights about your department right away

What other people say

"I was able to use the audit during an in-house training and it was very helpful to have a clear overview of my department".

John - United States

"This audit really helps me to finally see what I need to put my focus on. There is always so much to do, but with a decent plan, I'm ready!"


Karen - Canada 

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Steer in the right direction

Build the foundation before you build the house: let's find out what strategical plans and goals should be in place.
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Learn to evaluate how your organization or department is structured. Is this beneficial to your work?
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The human element

Discover what competencies are needed to make your team thrive. Does your team have what it takes?

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The customer

Do you know who your customer is? Find out more ways to track your customer and gain detailed insights in their needs.

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Many Facility Managers lost track of all products and services they offer. Use our tool to identify ánd document them all!

Make or buy decision

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Learn to gain more insights about service quality and how to use these insights for continuous improvement of your services.

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Numbers tell the tale

We love data and so we share our proven methods of measuring with you. Data = unique insights in your department!
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Time for action

Use our videos and proven tools to set up your own action plan and gain more insights in your FM department today!

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The Facility Department Audit

  • Use our proven templates to assess your department
  • Gives you guidelines how to professionalize your department even further
  • Gain insights about your department right away


As a compliment for our work we received multiple awards and we are well-known speakers on international Facility Management conferences. One of the things that is a hot topic in Facilities Management at the moment is THE WAR ON TALENT. 50% of the professionals in our sector are retiring within now and 10 years, so it's time for action!

New generations are coming in but one of the things we have learned is that their attention span is only 8 (!) seconds. Do you know how you will manage them? How you will create workspaces for them? We work with these new generations on a daily basis and therefore we have come up with practical tools to help you get ready for the future. 

As an extra bonus to your purchase, you now get FREE access to our training course about Generation Y and Z.

Ready, set, go!


We guarantee a 100% satisfaction guarantee for this training course. We have collected the newest trends and developments in the sector, to combine it with our practical experiences that we've gained over the years. With our Facility Department Audit template at hand, any Facility Manager is able to audit his/her own department.

Are you experiencing any difficulties? Please reach out to us within 14 days so that we can put a smile on your face again!

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