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Practical Approach

We just don't teach you theory from books, but share our experiences. We give you practical advice and show you many best practices. 

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Tailor Made Programs

All training programs are 100% tailor made to the organization's situation. In this way, implementation is more efficient.

Live Sessions

Live training courses (online and offline) allow for brainstorms with the trainer, ask questions and work together towards best outcome.

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Tools & Templates

All of our programs are full of templates, tools or systems that are free to use. Why reinvent the wheel yourself, right?

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Team Work

In-house training makes it possible to not only expand your knowledge, but also learn and work with the team together, to achieve goals. 

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Every participant receives a Certificate of Completion after the training ends. Let's show the world how awesome you are!

In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not.

- Albert Einstein

Of course, theory is the foundation of everything we do and we shouldn't ignore it. But let's face it, didn't we all have that moment when we started working and felt like we learn more in practice? We tried, we fell and we learned how to stand up again. But what if we could combine these two things: learn in practice and at the same time take away the learnings from those that made mistakes before us and prevent you from making the same ones? 

Facilities Management has a wide span of control and in my (Sanne, left) years of experience, not all areas within FM were my specialty. That's when I found out that you don't always have to invent the wheel yourself. I was looking for more knowledge, wanted to develop myself, but I didn't wanted to be bored with too much theory that didn't apply to my daily work. That's where Yvet (right) and I crossed paths. In the years that she was working as a teacher for Facility Management students, she developed a learning method where practical tools, best practices and real-time examples were the foundation of her classes. 

We combined her classes, our years of experience and our work with experts all over the world to make our mission come true: 'make applicable training in Facility Management available for everybody'. 

As a facilities team, we wanted to make our end-users more aware of their use of paper, water and electricity. Together with The World of YES we created a training program for management and a communication plan for all other end-users. Team YES was really involved and thinking along with us to help us reach our goals.

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Bernard - Belgium

Team YES really helped us to learn more how we could take our Facility team to the next level. They also help guide you through the implementation phase, which is extremely helpful.

Darin - Germany

The fact that all programs are custom made is of extreme added value. This enabled us to really have in-depth discussions with the trainers and within the team to understand how we could increase our added value as a department and also show that to others.

Melanie - United States

Develop your team and department, start today

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Subject Specific Courses 

Do you want your team to master a certain topic? Or do you want your team to become more efficient? Popular topics that many organizations struggle with include Sustainability, Outsourcing, The Added Value of Facility Management and Leadership. But we can adjust our courses to your needs. We work with a standard proven method of education that we customize based on the topics that are included, the current knowledge levels of the team and the maturity of the Facility department. By using realtime examples from your daily practice, we are able to discuss the content of the training course in the context of your organization at all times. This makes it easier for the participants to translate what they have learned to their work right away.

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Baseline Measurement

Our Baseline Measurement is especially designed for those organizations that want to find out how they are doing today and how they can do better tomorrow. We will perform a thorough evaluation of your facility department on different levels including processes, maturity levels and the most important asset: people. Based on this analysis, we will provide you with the results and a custom advice as to where we see opportunity for improvement. The entire measurement is adjusted to your organization and any specific elements that you would like us to measure.


Would you like to find out how well your Facility department performs compared to others across the globe? Or in a specific country or sector? Then we would advise you to perform a benchmark analysis with us. Organizations that prefer a benchmark analysis of their organization often have the goal to see how close they are to best practice organizations (and how they can get better) or how they are doing compared to similar organizations. In our experience, a Benchmark doesn't only teach organizations a lot about how to potentially improve, but also as a huge source of inspiration as you get to have an inside peek as to how others perform facilities management. 

Start today with a FREE Strategic Session

Let's have a (digital) cup of coffee! During this 30 minute latte macchiato, you will have one-on-one time with one of our experts. Together, you figure out any opportunities for improvement for your Facility department. Of course our expert will also advise you on if, and how one of our three training solutions can potentially help you achieve your goals. But if you don't choose to use our services: no hard feelings! At the very least we helped you take the next step towards one awesome Facility department.
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Very unique experience

Our team wanted to learn more about Outsourcing and how we could outsource more efficient ourselves. We have become aware of so many new things. The combination of theory in practice, with many examples and the opportunity to brainstorm with the trainers is unique to me. Thank you guys!
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Ms. Nameless
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Thank you for the support
Thank you Team YES for your continuous support as we were implementing everything we have learned! 
Ms. Nameless
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Would highly recommend

Team YES has challenged us to professionalize in our work and helped us create a more efficient team. It wasn't always easy, but so worth it.

facilities management
Ms. Nameless
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