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Training Content & Details

We offer different training courses about different subjects. Every course is about a different subject. Sometimes, we also provide follow-up courses. For example, you are able to follow a free course about The Basics of Facility Management. Within that free course we touch upon topics briefly. When you want to be involved in the extended follow-up course, we will touch upon the same topics, but much more in detail. There are also more assignments involved.
The training courses are provided by our trainers, Yvet Brummelhuis and Sanne Anvelink who have designed these training courses after extensive experiences as teachers within one of the Dutch universities. To read more about the trainers:
There is no time limit involved with these training courses. However as soon as you have finished all videos and assignments, the training course will automatically be closed and no longer visible.
We find it important that we offer training courses that are up-to-date and include recent trends and developments. We also find it important that we are able to offer a wide range of topics. Therefore, the training courses that are visible in the online portal are always going to be there, but will be supplemented with new training courses frequently.
No, you will be asked to register as a student. You will then have your own account that gives you access to the training courses that you would like to follow and you can decide when you watch the videos or make the assignments.
You will indeed receive a certificate for most of our courses after completing all videos and assignments. Whether you will receive a certificate for a certain course, is described in the course description.

The Online Learning Portal

No, all training courses can be followed via the online training portal and no additional software is needed.
When you want to follow a training course, you just need to register as a student and then click the button "take this course" or "buy this course". For all free courses, you can immediately start following the course. For all paid courses, you can then make the payment. As soon as the payment has been made, you will gain access to the training course.
We are always here to help! Via the learning portal you can leave a comment for us or others to respond on. You can also leave a review after you finished the course (please do, we'd love to hear from you!). And if you have any questions or remarks during or about the training course, you can always email us, call us, or fill in our contact form via


Once you click on "buy this course" you will proceed to a check-out page. You can make a payment using PayPal or using your creditcard. For some countries it is also possible to pay via an online bank transfer.
You will receive a confirmation of payment after the payment has been made. If you also need an invoice, please send a request to and we will provide you with an invoice within 48 hours.
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