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Periodic live Q&A session with YES trainer to ask all your questions.

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Access to our Community of Facility Managers across the globe.

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Availability of a study coach to discuss opportunities just for you.

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Learn from success stories and share your own!

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If you want to go fast, go alone.

If you want to go far, go together.

We believe that we can help anyone thrive if you are able to learn from your own practical experience (trial and error) and that of others (watch and learn). Together, we have 20+ years of practical experience in Facility Management and so we have a pretty good idea about the daily struggle of any FM.

The World of YES has been an international award-winning company for years. We have educated hundreds of Facility professionals and have connected dozens of professionals so that they can thrive, together. With the 3 successful companies that we run, it's safe to say that we really are breathing all that Facility Management is. 

We have combined our knowledge and experience with guidance (step-by-step) and a support system within our global community. This combination really is The Golden Formula to success and we witnessed our clients experience an incredible flow of development. We will share our experiences as a guide for you to learn from as you are supported by us and your peers in the community. Will you join us?

The community feels like a safety net. If there's something I want to know more about, there's probably a training course available about it that provides me with tips on what to do.

Patrick - Sweden

I really enjoy the monthly Q&A sessions with Team YES. Of course to ask questions but it's also a great way to connect with everyone else live and on a regular basis!

Mandy - Germany

My study coach really helps me create a career path and figure out what training courses to follow and in what order. Makes me feel really supported in taking the next step in my career. Thank you!

Hospitable organization
Dennis - Canada 

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facility management community

Unlimited Training

We want to give you the opportunity to follow any of our training courses whenever and wherever you want to. We experienced that when you want to learn more about Facility Management, you often have to invest in expensive degrees or specialize in a certain topic. With unlimited access to all our online training courses, we want to enable you to learn more about any Facility Management related topic you want to. To expand your knowledge, to help you do an even better job and to provide you with all that you need to succeed. 

Q&A Facility Management

Live Q&A Sessions

There will be periodic Live Q&A Sessions with our team. This allows you to ask any question you want. Whether that's a question about the training content, about implementing something you have learned, or anything off-topic about us, entrepreneurship or Facility Management in The Netherlands. These sessions are also another opportunity to connect with each other, LIVE!

facilities management coach

Study Coach

Planning your next career move? Or not sure which course to take first?

Our Study Coach helps you to pick the right one at the right time. The Study Coach is always at your disposal to sit down with you (virtually, of course ;-)) and help you to make a training plan that works for you, or just discuss any questions you have about the courses.

Succes stories facility management

The Victory Lounge

Success is always a source of inspiration and that's why we encourage everyone to share their personal or professional successes in our Victory Lounge. Read more about how other successfully implemented learnings from the training courses or share your own learning with others!

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  • Access to all training courses
  • Monthly new courses
  • Live Q&A sessions with YES-experts
  • Study coach
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  • Access to all training courses
  • Monthly new courses
  • Live Q&A sessions with YES-experts
  • Study coach
  • Live chat
  • Stay up-to-date
  • Facility Community
Very valuable
I've never seen anything similar to what The World of YES offers with their community. It combines training, connecting, keeping on track. 

Hospitable organization
Jose - Argentina

The support is everything

I feel really supported by the community. There's always someone from Team YES or anyone else in the community across the world to help me answer questions.

Wendy - United States
Thank you
Thank you to Team YES, this community is amazing. You really understand our struggle of Facility Managers in practice, grab that with both hands and convert it into easy-to-follow courses that I can apply right away. So happy with that, and the overall support of the community. Feels really good.

Amber - Austria

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