There is so much going on in the Facility Management industry at this point: open your Linkedin feed and you will be having fun for at least the next hour. Or wait… is that how technology works? Anyway, to make it easy on you, we have collected a few of the coolest, most interesting or most remarkable newsflashes. Let's go!


New tech toys

Whenever we share that we're from Amsterdam or The Dam for insiders 😉 we always get the question whether we 1) know the Edge Building, 2) have been to the Edge Building or 3) if we can get people inside. To those of you who have never heard of it: it's one of the smartest and most sustainable buildings in the world. And so it's always of interest to many of us in Facility Management. The genius development team behind this building called Edge Technologies has now released a smart system called Edge Next. The platform provides 24/7 insights in your building and installations. It includes measures on air quality, occupancy rates and energy use. Exciting! We'll keep you posted as reviews will be coming in over the next months! If you want to learn more about smart buildings in the meantime, you can do so here.


25% less office space after COVID-19

Dutch research has indicated that we will use 25% less office space when COVID-19 decides to go away. Mostly because of increased working at home, which is now normalized because of the current situation. Employees feel more comfortable with working from home and organizations are increasingly able to facilitate remote working. The research also showed popular measures that Facility Managers take to make the physical working environment safe when people dó come to the office. Most popular are easy measures including providing disinfection, reduce overall capacity and marking walking paths with stickers.


Long-term psychological effects of continuous remote working

It's not only rainbows and unicorns, remote working can definitely also have a negative effect on employees. Studies reveal that social isolation is actually a real problem that needs to be addressed. Now that we're past the initial panic attack of “what's going on and what do we need to do”, we should start thinking about the wellbeing of our workers. Yes, Facility Manager, you! You facilitate remote working, don't you? 😉 Loneliness, anxiety and stress can be very real consequences of remote working. Especially if you're with an organization where remote working wasn't common before. What to do? We recommend campaigns (work together with HR) to instill the company culture, provide a sense of hope by offering the opportunity to (partially) return to the office, and help in creating the best possible workplace at home.


JLL and others to join forces in reducing CO2

We celebrated World Green Building Week in September. One of the biggest campaigns out there to reinforce organizations to #ActOnClimate. 39% of all carbon emissions worldwide are related to buildings and construction. Time for Facility Managers and Building Owners to take action. The Net Zero Buildings Commitment is a worldwide project that aims to reduce building emissions to zero by 2050 (!). Big organizations including JLL, Signify and AECOM have already signed up. Learn more about the initiative here, or learn more about what you can do about sustainability today here.


New hire: robots!

I don't know about you, but usually robots freak me out. But times are changing and for some Facility services, robots can come in extremely handy. Especially with the current increased need for cleaning, there is no way to avoid this upcoming trend any longer. So, we present you: cobotics. Cobotics refers to collaborative robots to help the operational cleaning team to increase productivity and efficiency. They can take away “easier” but time-consuming tasks such as vacuuming or mopping large floor areas. This leaves time for the cleaning staff to focus on specialized work and extra COVID related tasks such as cleaning door handles and lift buttons. Last month, a European expert panel has released an implementation guide for working with cobotics for anyone looking to implement this new trend.


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