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Do you want to stop wasting time by inventing the wheel over and over again? And do you want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in FM? Find the training course that suits you and start your development today!

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Smart Building

Smart Buildings

Saving costs through energy efficiency? Discover all elements of Smart Buildings, avoid running behind and find out how you can benefit from this newest trend!


This ultimate Outsourcing Guide will help you to achieve more value for money, gain a better relationship with your supplier and upgrade your services!


In 7 essentials steps, you learn about an integrated approach to Sustainability as well as how to save on facilities budget and get access to proven templates.

training facilities management

Get started in Facilities!

This crash course provides you with all important elements of FM to help you excel in your job! Use the toolkit to start working with it right away.
space management strategy

Space Planning

More flexibility or detailed data about your spaces? Discover the best tools for effective Space Management and efficient Space Planning.
leadership in FM


Become the best version of yourself! In this course you'll have all the tools at hand to recognize team members' needs and how to be the best leader you can be!

added value faciliities management

Show your added value!

Want to be a strategic partner and no longer be seen as a cost centre? Then it's time to show your added value. Step by step, you learn how to do just that.

Hospitable organization


All elements you need for a great smile!  Let these guidelines help you to increase your customer satisfaction, save time and show your added value!

Facility Department Audit

Use our proven method to assess your facility department today and learn how to improve and professionalize your department tomorrow.

Strategic Asset Management

Strategic Asset Management

Upgrade the lifecycle of your assets and its financial value. This training program will enable you to set up or improve your Strategic Asset Management.  

Data in FM

We collect so much data as FM's, sometimes without even knowing it. Learn how to collect data effectively and make it useful to upgrade your department

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