7 Essentials Steps in Sustainability

An integrated approach for your Facility department!

Did you know that 71% of the next generation finds it very important that their employer is paying attention to sustainability, but that only 40% of all facility departments actually have an action plan on sustainable goals...

Over the last years, we advised multiple facility professionals on how they can implement sustainability in their organization. And one of the things we have witnessed frequently, is that organizations have implemented different sustainability features but without having an integrated approach. Therefore we see a lot of unnecessary costs and a waste of time that Facility Managers don't have.

As a Facilities department, you can have a major impact on the sustainability of an organization and therefore, you can have an impact on your footprint and the planet.

To help you make that impact and use your budget and time wisely at the same time, we use a proven plan with 7 steps. We take you by the hand towards a more sustainable organization, and planet.

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Smart Building Training

Sustainability as a business case

The online training course "7 Essential Steps in Sustainability" will enable you to: 

  • Contribute to a more sustainable organization and planet
  • Save on your facilities budget  
  • Receive a certificate of completion after finishing this program 
  • Present your organization as an attractive employer
  • Work with an efficient plan and save time by using proven templates
  • Become a strategic partner to the board 

What other people say

As a Facility Manager, I feel the responsibility to learn more about sustainability because we can really make an impact on the health of this planet and the people living on it. I was looking for a training program to teach me different ways of how to increase my impact as a Facility Manager and this program did that for me. Really nice to learn both small and big features that any Facility Manager can work with. Thank you!

Ellen - Sweden 

I always put off learning more about sustainability because I was worried that it would be too expensive to invest in sustainable solutions with my current organization. Now that I have learned more about it, I've realized that with small changes you can gain huge results. Very easy to follow and a good guideline for implementation.

Peter - United States

Discover our training content


Strategic Direction

The fundamentals of sustainability to start making a difference for your organization and the planet today!

Essential Features

Discover easy-to-implement sustainability features as quick wins, as well as essential features for the long term.

Best Practices

Cases from successful sustainable facility departments in several shapes and sizes, dissected for you in detail.

Business case Facilities Management

Business Case

Use our formats to build a kick-ass business case and see how and when you can save money with sustainability.

Implementation sustainability

Ready, set, go!

Time to take action. Get started today with our master implementation plan, to start working on this as of today! 
facilities management knowledge

Knowledge = power

Find out about the best tools and systems to use for measuring your sustainable features and learn how to improve even more.

Facilities Management certification


Are you all in? Let certification inspire you to get to the next level of sustainability with your organization.

Communication Facilities Management

Spread the word!

If you've got it, flaunt it! We will show our most effective communication plan to share efforts with others, without bragging.

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  • Contribute to a more sustainable organization and planet
  • Save on your facilities budget
  • Work with an efficient plan and save time by using proven templates


As a compliment for our work we received multiple awards and we are well-known speakers on international Facility Management conferences. One of the things that is a hot topic in Facilities Management at the moment is THE WAR ON TALENT. 50% of the professionals in our sector are retiring within now and 10 years, so it's time for action!

New generations are coming in but one of the things we have learned is that their attention span is only 8 (!) seconds. Do you know how you will manage them? How you will create workspaces for them? We work with these new generations on a daily basis and therefore we have come up with practical tools to help you get ready for the future. 

As an extra bonus to your purchase, you now get FREE access to our training course about Generation Y and Z.

Ready, set, go!


We guarantee a 100% satisfaction guarantee for this training course. We have collected the newest trends and developments in the sector, to combine it with our practical experiences that we've gained over the years. With the tools from the course at hand, any Facility Manager is able to take first steps towards a more sustainable organization.

Are you experiencing any difficulties? Please reach out to us within 14 days so that we can put a smile on your face again!

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