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The Added Value of Facility Management

Take the spotlight and show your added value

What is the importance of Facility Management anyway? What is Facility Management exactly? This heatwave is killing me, you guys can fix that AC right? When will that bathroom be cleaned?

Whilst working in Facility Management for many years now I have answered these questions many times. How about you?

At a certain point in time I became involved in a research program that had the aim to prove the Added Value of Facility Management. Honestly, it sounded like music to my ears. Finally we are on the right track to prove that Facility Management is a strategic, crucially important profession to many organizations. 

Following this research, my The World of YES team and I wanted to create a template that was easy to use in practice for us and for everyone else working in this sector. 

So here we are. For the past years we have been sharing our proven template with many Facility professionals all over the world, helping others to show their Added Value as well. The result? More strategic discussions, more internal visibility and understanding and better focus and insights in the Facility department. 

Are you ready to do the same?

added value

Smart Building Training

Stop being seen as a cost center today!

The online training course "The Added Value of Facility Management" will enable you to: 

  • Be taken seriously and become a strategic partner for management
  • Put your Facility department on the map 
  • Avoid being seen as a cost center any longer
  • Have a better focus on what really matters
  • Be more aligned with the overall organization and organizational goals 
  • Receive a certificate of completion after finishing this program
  • Gain more insights in the performance of your department 
  • Create more understanding and visibility with your internal stakeholders  

What other people say

I was done with my colleagues continuously asking me whether I was the "light fixing guy". I started looking for a way to physically prove my added value as a Facility Manager and Facility department to have a more strategic conversation internally. This training course really gave me (practical) and easy to understand tools to do that. Thank you!

Dave - United States 

After following this training course, a lot has changed for me. I'm more aware of our added value but also more capable of measuring it and sharing that with my management. It really took away a lot of pressure of being a cost center and has changed the conversation I'm having with my managers. Would highly recommend!


Mary - South-Africa

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added value faciliities management

Open sesame...

...And welcome in the world of Added Value. Understand why this is important to any Facility Manager.
added value faciliities management

Best kept secret

Discover the 10 elements of Added Value and how you can use them to elevate your work.


Evaluate what the most important Added Value elements are for your organization specifically.

Facilities Manager

Get a grip

We show you how you can effectively manage the elements of Added Value within your organization.

what is your added value?

Gain insights

The numbers tell the tale. How to use data to gain insights and prove Added Value to your management.
Communication Facilities Management

Shout it out loud

Increase visibility: what insights to share internally to communicate your Added Value.

template added value facility management


We created a proven template for you to use as you implement the Added Value strategy.

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Don't invent the wheel. Get inspired by the many (practical) examples we share with you.
added value faciliities management
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The Added Value of Facility Management

  • Be taken seriously and become a strategic partner for management
  • Avoid being seen as a cost center any longer
  • Gain more insights in the performance of your department 


As a compliment for our work we received multiple awards and we are well-known speakers on international Facility Management conferences. One of the things that is a hot topic in Facilities Management at the moment is THE WAR ON TALENT. 50% of the professionals in our sector are retiring within now and 10 years, so it's time for action!

New generations are coming in but one of the things we have learned is that their attention span is only 8 (!) seconds. Do you know how you will manage them? How you will create workspaces for them? We work with these new generations on a daily basis and therefore we have come up with practical tools to help you get ready for the future. 

As an extra bonus to your purchase, you now get FREE access to our training course about Generation Y and Z.

Ready, set, go!


We guarantee a 100% satisfaction guarantee for this training course. We have collected the ten most important Added Value elements for you and combined them with our practical experiences that we've gained over the years. With these elements and our tips & tricks at hand, any Facility Manager is able to take first steps towards an Added Value Strategy.

Are you experiencing any difficulties? Please reach out to us within 14 days so that we can put a smile on your face again!

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