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What is Facilities Management? What is the function of Facility Management? And what makes a good Facility Manager? Well... you're about to find out! Did you know that 70% of all employees feel that the workplace is an incredibly important factor in their daily work. As a Facility Manager, you are the enabler to create these workplaces.

And not just the workplace itself: a Facility Manager also helps create a working environment that is safe, clean, nice and warm, and hospitable. A place where everyone feels comfortable.  

Over the years, we have worked with many professionals  that wanted to get into Facility Management, because you can be the change, make an impact. We have learned that every Facility professional works with very similar fundamentals in each organization and we would love to share those with you to support you in your efforts to start learning about Facility Management too. 

With our practical toolkit with the essential elements of Facility Management you have all the power in hand to start making that impact today. 


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The online training course "Get Started in Facility Management" will enable you to: 

  • Excel in your current role
  • Use our proven toolkit to take a next step in your Facility Management career
  • Receive a certificate of completion after finishing the course 
  • Understand the competencies you need to further develop 
  • Expand the knowledge you already have 
  • Follow certified education in Facility Management 

What other people say

Facility Management is a totally new field of play for me and thanks to this training course I got a very clear understanding of what Facility Management is and how it relates to my current role.

Alice - United States 

I was looking for a training program to get more educated on Facility Management. I've been working in Facility Operations for a while now and I feel like this training program has provided me with enough knowledge to take a next step forward.

Jospeh - Brazil

Discover our training content


Director of Chaos

Facility Managers make the impossible possible. Discover what Facility Management is exactly!

The Essense

The essence

The fundamentals of our business. Understand which elements are indispensable in our work.

Facilities Manager

Who's in charge?

Say aye! Learn about different roles and responsibilities within the facilities department.

Facilities manager competencies

What do you need? 

Are you fit for the job? We share the top ten competencies any Facility Manager should have.

facilities roles

The Customer

Find out who you work for. As a Facility Manager you wear many hats, but how do they align?
facilities framework

Facility Framework

Discover how the department can or should be structured and which external parties you need.

steps space management

Career Plan

Our Career Plan explains the career opportunities in the Facility sector and what roles can you play!

Outsourcing Facilities Management

Practical examples

Multiple examples of real-time organizations to see the differences and learn from them.
training facilities management
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Get Started in Facilities Management

  • Excel in your current role
  • Use our proven toolkit to take a next step in your Facility Management career
  • Follow certified education in Facility Management 


As a compliment for our work we received multiple awards and we are well-known speakers on international Facility Management conferences. One of the things that is a hot topic in Facilities Management at the moment is THE WAR ON TALENT50% of the professionals in our sector are retiring within now and 10 years, so it's time for action!

New generations are coming in but one of the things we have learned is that their attention span is only 8 (!) seconds. Do you know how you will manage them? How you will create workspaces for them? We work with these new generations on a daily basis and therefore we have come up with practical tools to help you get ready for the future. 

As an extra bonus to your purchase, you now get FREE access to our training course about Generation Y and Z.

Ready, set, go!


We guarantee a 100% satisfaction guarantee for this training course. With our proven toolkit including the essential elements of Facilities Management, we share our decade of experience with you. With these tools from the course at hand, any professional is able to take next steps in Facility Management.

Are you experiencing any difficulties? Please reach out to us within 14 days so that we can put a smile on your face again!

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