Update: how we changed our business
9 September 2020 

Update: how we changed our business

So, it been a while ago that we have been online. A lot is going on lately, so it's time to sit down and talk a bit more with our directors Yvet and Sanne. Let's find out a bit more what has been going on behind the scenes of The World of YES.

Thanks for sitting down with me. How is everything at The World of YES at the moment?

Yvet: Well first of all we are all safe and healthy and in crazy times like these, that's very important. These last couple of months at The World of YES were crazy..! As well as for all organizations all around the world, I guess. As you know our daily work is fully focused on working internationally and when a situation like COVID-19 appears, it really turns the world upside down.

Sanne: Yes, it was definitely a really strange time for us. Our first priority was of course to make sure that all of our professionals and students worldwide were safe and healthy and support them in any way we could. After this first stage, we tried to help our clients as much as possible. Because as you know Facilities Managers are having a very important role managing this whole situation. They need to make sure that everybody could work from home or at the office in a safe way. It was and still is, a crazy time for all of them, so we did what we could to support them in their daily work. For example by sharing information about potential health and safety measures via our webinars.


Did the COVID-19 situation also affect The World of YES?

Yvet: Yes, of course it did. Normally, I'm used to travel a lot to meet all kinds of Facility professionals to train them and their teams. Or to speak at Facility conferences all over the world but unfortunately this wasn't possible any longer. So that really was a twist for my agenda 😉 But with that also comes a lot of time I usually don't have, which allowed us to be entrepreneurs again. To think outside of the box and pick up on projects that were scheduled for later on this year.

Sanne: Besides that, I also gives us the time to re-evaluate where we were standing at that moment. To take a step back to see what positive things we could learn from a situation like this.


Could you tell a bit more about those insights? 

Sanne: Well, I think that one of the most important things that we have realized quite soon is that because of organizational growth in the last years and the need to support our clients even more, we really needed to make some changes internally to make that happen.

Yvet: The most important change that we have made internally, is that we have split our services. This means that we separated our talent program from our training program and from our internship programs. In this way, we are able to focus on a specific group of professionals even. And therefore support them in the best way possible.


What does this support look like?

Yvet: It all starts with providing more free knowledge, because we feel like there should be way more free knowledge available. With that we hope to help facilities professionals to make their daily life a bit easier. This knowledge not only comes from us but also from our community of facility professionals worldwide, who we aim to connect with each other to support knowledge sharing to the fullest.

Sanne: Beside that we also added an even better support system for our online training programs. Because of a new system that we use, we are able to deliver real-time support to all participants via a study coach. This was one of the things that was requested a lot. People wanted some help with finding the right courses to fit their needs, wanted to have the chance to discuss certain topics with an objective coach and wanted to feel part of a community. With the new YES Academy, we combined all these services and I'm really proud that we have made this possible in the last couple of months with the hard work of our team.

Yvet: And what is so cool about our new YES Academy is that professionals are also able to chat with each other via private boards or via the community. What we see it that Facility Managers that are Facility Managers who are struggling with the same kind of questions are able to connect and therefore are able to help each other even more!


You also run a Talent Program. Did you make any changes in these services?

Sanne: No, we haven't. When it's good, it's good, right 😉 Just kidding, what we have noticed even more because of COVID-19 is that organizations are looking for the right talent for the right role. With the Talent Program, organizations can have flexible deployment in times when they need it the most. And in times like these, when the workload is outrageous, it can be very useful to have some extra hands in the team.


Last question, what can we expect from The World of YES in the near future? 

Yvet: A lot, you can't hide from us anymore 😉 Well, things are still not back to normal and they won't be for a while but we truly hope that we can support all Facility Managers out there to get back on their feet and fast forward their career and their departments like we used to before.

Sanne: Because facilities management has really been recognized as a crucial department these days, it will also affect our sector in general. I'm very curious how that turns out. What it will be is undefined but one thing for sure is that it will change the way facilities management is perceived.

Thank you Yvet and Sanne for your time. It was a pleasure to speak with you.

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