31 March 2021 


In many countries, there is a real lack of formal training and education in Facility Management. But, with COVID putting the spotlight on Facility Management and our sector rapidly changing, the right knowledge and skills have become more important than ever.

At the same time, many Facility Managers are hesitant to start training in Facility Management today. As we are in an uncertain situation, focus has shifted to just making sure “the place keeps running”. Also, Facility Managers are often dealing with budgets being cut or hires being frozen, putting a huge (time) pressure on the team.

But I think one of the biggest misconceptions is that training is always costly. It really doesn't have to be. It becomes expensive when you invest in irrelevant training, leading to zero results. A training in itself very often provides information, but that doesn't equal knowledge and understanding. That's why we often use practical tools to help you implement what you've learned. Anyway, I'm rambling 😉


3 benefits of starting training for your staff today

  1. STAFF RETENTION. I was talking to someone earlier who said that COVID has forced us all to stop running and think about our future. That also includes further development in your career. A different position maybe? This ambition is absolutely amazing, but as a leader you want to make sure that these ambitions can be met within the organization. Prevent people from leaving. Training can help your team to develop to a level where they can make a promotion or take on a different role. In the end, that will also help your Facility department elevate.
  2. DON'T HIT PAUSE. We have seen so many organizations hit the pause button on their amazing initiatives. Many organizations have big plans for the future. Professionalizing their department, developing their staff or gaining a more strategic position in the organization. COVID is often the reason to put a stop to it. Which on the one hand makes sense: reducing expenses that are not vital. On the other hand, it will also keep you from doing an even better job. So, which of the two really saves you more resources?
  3. READY FOR THE FUTURE. Adding to my previous point, I think that training your team's skills and knowledge can prepare you for future developments. The sector is developing at a crazy fast pace: can you keep up? Make sure that your team is ready. Especially in countries where formal education in FM is not standard, many people “roll into our sector”. Provide them with the training they need in order to thrive over the next few years.


Are you convinced? 😉 The next step would be to understand what type of training course would match the requirements of your team. That is very different for each type of organization. The first question I would probably ask you is: what is your strategic plan? What type of knowledge and skills is required in your organization to help execute that strategic plan? If you know that, then you can figure out what type of content, training style and what type of provider would match that.


What is your opinion on starting training courses today? Yes, please or no, let's postpone?

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Yvet is leading the YES community together with her team. There are so many amazing Facility professionals in this community and so Yvet passes on all their cool stories, tips and tricks, and experiences to you.
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